Dress Etiquette

Click here to see our current dress regulations for the golf course and facilities.


  • Mobile Phones may only be used between holes on the golf course, or for recording scores via the Mi Score app.
  • All golfers must yell “Fore” if they strike their ball in the vicinity of other golfers. The use of mobile phones is not permitted in the clubhouse
  • Bunkers should be entered and exited at the low point only.
  • Rakes should be returned to the centre of the bunker facing the direction of the hole. Click here to watch a video about bunker raking at the Club.


In inclement weather, for the suspension and abandonment of play the following rules apply:

One (1) Blast of Siren = Play Suspended

Two (2) Blasts of Siren = Resume Play

Three (3) Blasts of Siren = Abandon Play

Four (4) Blasts of Siren OR pulsing siren = Emergency Evacuation

On Course Toilet Access Code = C380