Dress Etiquette


Please click on this link for updated Club Dress Regulations – March 2020



Mobile Phones may only be used between holes on the golf course

All golfers must yell “Fore” if they strike their ball in the vicinity of other golfers. The use of mobile phones is not permitted in the clubhouse

Bunkers should be entered and exited at the low point only, usually coinciding with the position of bunker rake holders. 

Rakes should be returned to holders where available. If no holder is available, please return the rake to the base of the bunker facing the direction of play.


In inclement weather, for the suspension and abandonment of play the following rules apply:

One (1) Blast of Siren = Play Suspended

Two (2) Blasts of Siren = Resume Play

Three (3) Blasts of Siren = Abandon Play

Four (4) Blasts of Siren OR pulsing siren = Emergency Evacuation

On Course Toilet Access Code = C380